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How to zoom with Sony Vegas Pro

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How to zoom with Sony Vegas Pro by Softonic

1. To start, run the program and open a video.
2. Go to the editing area and click on Event Pan/Crop. You’ll see a pop-up window called “Video Event FX”.
3. Click on the button Sync Cursor to ensure that the changes made here can also be seen on the preview windows.
4. To zoom in you need to select a part of the video, and with the mouse and the arrow keys, find the frame where you want to zoom in.
5. A little diamond-shaped icon will appear on the timeline. It shows the point where the zoom begins.
6. To zoom out, choose the moment you want the zooming to stop and return the image to its original size.
7. Another diamond-shaped icon will appear. Between these icons is where the zoom effect takes place.
8. Watch the preview to ensure that the zoom is fine.
9. Save your changes before leaving.

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